Intelligence Personified – Voicing Professor Daily

Scott’s studio has been a hive of activity recently and now he is able to shout about a fun-to-voice character he recorded for a TV commercial. Scott is the amiable Professor Daily, an animated rocket scientist explaining the ease with which you can get temporary car insurance through InsureDaily. The Professor’s voice had to be clear,…

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Meat-Pot Luck for Scott in Total War – Warhammer III

Earlier this year the real-time turn-based strategy game, ‘Total War – Warhammer III’ launched and Scott Joseph was able to announce his involvement as a Voice Actor for a couple of important characters… INTRODUCING SCOTT JOSEPH AS SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER This Ogre Lord’s name says it all really. He’s not exactly the most stable of…

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Game Launch! ‘Expeditions: Rome’ – Character and Trailer Announcement

Expeditions: Rome - Introducing Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus - a veteran centurion in this Strategy RPG game and voiced by Scott Joseph

2022’s off to a great start for Scott, who is able to announce his involvement as  Voice Actor for a main character in ‘Expeditions: Rome’ from THNordic and Logic Artists. He also narrates its epic game play trailer which you can watch below. First let’s discover more about Scott’s latest voice character credit… Introducing Scott…

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