PBS America airs ‘Battle Honours’, a six part WWII Documentary series, narrated by Scott

Late on in 2020 and at the start of 2021, Scott recorded the narration for all six episodes of ‘Battle Honours’, a World War II Documentary series by Impossible Factual. Each hour long episode detailed the exploits, hardships and against-all-odds achievements of some of the War’s greatest fighting formations.

The Voice Over recording for the entire series was done from Scott’s studio with a remote link to the Director, Ian Bremner. This PBS America trailer for the series has Scott adopting a dramatic delivery to match the action on screen. Then after the general series promotion, Scott’s narration for each episode becomes informative and engaging, while softening to reflect moments of heightened emotion. There are also sections when he has to impart technical information and all of the voice over narration had to fit pre-determined time slots.

It was a pleasure and a privilege for Scott to work on this project and he learned so much about World War II along the way.

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