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An exciting green-screen SFX project directed by Mark Anand to supply filmed content for a Theatre show aboard the Ventura, one of P&O Cruise's newest liners. DMI Productions utilised prosthetic and make-up professionals Aaron and Marilyn Sherman to transform me into Jay V, a blond plasticW character much like the 1980's Max Headroom only on a really good day, apt as this was an Eighties Tribute show.

This video gives you a taste of Jay-V's best bits although it has been taken out of context and abridged; during the Live Show my filmed content appears on one, some or all of 9 massive screens erected around the auditorium; sometimes to introduce or complement live performances on stage, which is why at times during the Video Montage Scott appears in and travels between multiple screens. All footage is courtesy of P&O Cruises and DMI Productions.

While shooting the Jay V material for P&O, Scott was also asked to spearhead a 'making of video' which can be viewed here.

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A host of the biggest stars from Britain's most popular children's channel come out to play in this brand new arena spectacular. Scott plays Robbie Rotten, a villain who is determined to show that he is the biggest star! His dastardly plan involves the capture of the other CBeebies characters and it's up to the audience to work with PC Plum and the rest of the Stars to set them free. Here's a song he sang in the show, Master of Disguise!

Excerpts from press reviews:

"...the biggest star of the show - Robbie Rotten!... We have all been entertained for just over an hour and a half (with twenty minute interval), and it is top quality. A great show for the Easter holidays, or any time of the year..."

Backstage Pass | Steve Stubbs (published 1 April 2012)- read full review

"... The story of the two hour fun packed show was centered around Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town who tried to hide all the CBeebies stars so he could become the main man. And the young audience had fun trying to outwit him"
Burnley Express | Rebecca Hay (published 23 April 2012)

" is testament to the skill of both the production and the performers that they can draw a crowd of thousands, some of them quite far away, into their world..."
Childsplay | KT Childsplay (published 14 April 2012)- read full review

Excerpts from audience reviews:

"... We all know how fantastic Justin is but I have to mention that the actor playing Robbie Rotten was brilliant, he was on stage a lot of the time and his accent and mannerisms were perfect, just like watching Lazy Town on the television ..."

"... and is still talking about her day at Wembley with Robbie Rotten and Mr Tumble ..."

"... I also have to mention the magical performance of Robbie Rotten who reminded me so much of Jim Carey in The Mask or The Grinch he is extremely talented and added to the excitement of the show ..."

"... Robbie Rotten stole the show he was magnificent ..."

Wyrd Sisters was a cracking little fringe play did at the Gatehouse Theatre in Hampstead. Adapted from Terry Pratchett's novel, it is a comic take on Shakespeare and involves witches, a cowardly duke, evil queen, Death himself, a ghost that can't remember his lines and a wandering troupe of thespians. In the show the cast all doubled up playing various roles and Scott was primarily the naïve young actor Tomjohn but also doubled up as Death and a lecherous West Country guard. Here's what some critics thought of Scott's performance:

"...Meanwhile the usurped young Tomjohn - played by a perfectly goofy Scott Joseph - returns to the court years later as an actor and coincidentally takes part in a play which causes the duke's downfall."
The Stage | Nuala Calvi (published Thu 20 October 2005)

"The actors certainly did the characters justice … The storyline unfolded and the character of Tomjohn, a foundling whom the witches want to install as rightful King, played by Scott Joseph, really came into his own."
Camden New Journal | Jennie Gruner

"Pratchett writes great characters and the highly accomplished actors do them full justice"
Ham & High Review | Aline Waites

Scott was cast as comic news reader, Miles Prestwich, in two Halloween Promo Breaking News Reports about a Zombie wondering the streets of Britain. In the promos he interviews a specialist Professor in Zombology and Ken, the Zombie himself, to help viewers discover what it is that Ken wants. The shorts were directed by Dave Depares at BraveSpark Media and went viral on their release drawing well over a million views.

Fanta 'Help Ken' Halloween Promo 1 of 2

Fanta 'Help Ken' Halloween Promo 2 of 2

Shark Month had become a big deal on Animal Planet when these humorous bumper spots and 30 second promo where filmed. Scott was cast as an everyman character whose daily routine keeps being interrupted with sightings of Shark fins in the most unusual places!

Animal Planet: Shark Month 30 second Promo

Animal Planet: Shark Month Bumper 2

Animal Planet: Shark Month Bumper 1

Watch the Eyes and Hair Song

Watch the Pirate Movie Song

Watch the UFO Song

1410 Productions created a multi-episodic educational DVD in which Scott plays Albert, a floating head that appears on a screen to aid in the antics and songs of the other two presenters. Another heavy make-up job where a myriad of comedic facial expressions was required by Scott. The project was shot at Shepperton Film Studios. This are a selection of expressive stills as the character Albert taken for possible use in menus and marketing material.

Lazy Town Live 2007/8 was a hit Number 1 UK tour of the colossally successful children's TV show, known simply as Lazy Town. I was cast in the villainous role of couch potato and lovable rogue, Robbie Rotten… We did 2 or 3 shows a day and every morning, getting into costume for Robbie took up to 3 hours and involved attaching a prosthetic chin, a black quiff, the application of copious amounts of make-up and his trademark purple costume of course. The show garnered a great deal of positive reviews from critics and public alike.

Excerpts from press reviews:

"Couch potato Robbie Rotten, played to perfection by Scott Joseph"
The Stage | Lisa Martland (published Fri 26 October 2007)

"Scott Joseph has totally nailed the walk, talk and dastardly scheming of Robbie Rotten - and kept him comical too."
Glasgow Herald  | Mary Brennan (Web Issue 2971 - published October 22 2007)

"I have to say, though, that tonight's cast, especially Scott Joseph's Robbie Rotten, were very like their TV counterparts."  | David Feeney (Wed 17- Sat 20 October 2007 )

"..all the stage actors were made up to look exactly like the TV originals … villainous Robbie Rotten (Scott Joseph) had the correct length of chin, the right costume and the same zany evil gait … virtually everything was perfectly executed and true to the spirit of Lazy Town."
High Wycombe | Steve Cohn

** Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015**

"Festival Favourite”

In straight suburbia, in a world comprised entirely of lines and squares, a young boy’s love of bright colours and strange fashions only exasperates his family and alienates him from his peers. When even his parents begin to question his provenance, the boy leaves home and begins a magical adventure, meeting a series of characters who not only transform his appearance but help him to see who he really is. Inspired by the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Ugly Duckling stars award-winning Thomas Sangster. It was directed by Ella Jones and written by Rob Thorman.

If you would like to watch Scott’s scene from this short film, please view his main Actor ‘showreel’ here

Mutant Chronicles - Short Film Pilot

Mutant Chronicles Feature - Constantine Scene

Scott worked with director Simon Hunter on the Short Film version of ‘Mutant Chronicles’, playing the lead soldier desperately trying to keep the last dregs of mankind alive against a relentless mutant horde. It was shot at Bray Studios and successfully managed to get the feature film green lit through Hollywood Producer Edward R Pressman. During filming of the feature at Pinewood, Scott was fortunate enough to share a scene with John Malkovich and Ron Perlman.