Scott has voiced many campaigns over the years and here are just a few. Click on one to read more about the campaign, as well as watch or listen to some of the material. Get in touch for a free quote or test read

FOX - The Walking Dead (30 sec trailer)

FOX - The Walking Dead (teaser trailer)

FOX International asked Scott to provide a series of a promo voice overs for the UK TV Premier transmission of this series of the massive hit show ‘The Walking Dead’. The delivery demanded a deep and gritty seriousness to reflect the feel of this dark science fiction drama.


Xperia Z5 Premium Promo

Xperia X video 2016 – new 5” curved sm

Sony is a massive global brand and so Scotty was very happy to provide the male voice over on an online film for one of their Xperia mobile phone handsets. It was then extremely encouraging when they contacted Scott again to do another online commercial a few months later. Both films required a rich delivery that audience could relate to and that also inspired a sense of wonder.

YouView TV Summer Campaign

YouView Box - Projections TV Campaign

‘Projections’ ITV 20 Sec Spot

YouView InStore Promo

YouView ‘Keys’ Radio Commercial

YouView ‘Library’ Radio Commercial

Youview All About Xmas 30s Radio

One of Scott's very first Commercial voice overs came from a scratch-track read he provided for an editor. The editor was working on a Commercial and the Advertising Agency had requested a rough VO to accompany the visuals. That’s where Scott came in and the  decision-makers liked his delivery of their tagline… “Extraordinary TV, for everyone.” much so they booked him for the entire UK-wide multimedia launch campaign and kept him as the voice of the brand for several seasons. Here is just a small selection of the work including TV commercials, radio adverts and an in-store infomercial.

Watchfinder 'Motoring on Dave' Bumper 2018

Tour de France ITV4 Watchfinder Sponsorship Bumpers

Watchfinder & Co  TV Advert 2017

Watchfinder TV Advert 2016 Sponsor trailer - Five's 'The Classic Car Show'

Scott started voicing online content for Watchfinder in the company’s infancy and quickly became the voice of the Brand for a variety of campaigns over a five year period. His warm, assured delivery was used on several TV commercials, as well as promo bumpers for ‘Motoring on Dave’, spots for Five’s ‘Classic Car Show’ and Watchfinder’s sponsorship of ITV’s coverage of both the Tour de France and La Vuelta.