Your brand, event, script or character needs a voice, right? Scott Joseph has packed 20 years of professional experience as an award winning voice artist and actor into his! From all things Commercial, Corporate and Commentary to Character, Drama and Educational. He has a custom built professional studio but also isn’t afraid to travel so get in touch for a free quote or test read.

One Voice Awards 2023 Winner's badge.One Voice Awards 2022 Nominee Badge    VOX Awards 2021 Finalist    



Scott has launched numerous national multimedia commercial campaigns. His natural tone is trustworthy and thought provoking with an authoritative edge. Luxury brands have utilised his soft, deep narrations, while his everyday register lends itself to guy-next-door or a dad. However, he can draw upon his full vocal range for those more characterful performances.



Scott’s voiced monsters in adverts, an English Max Headroom character for animated content in cruise show, the larger than life Robbie Rotten on stage and radio, as well as more realistic characters for BBC radio dramas and Disney ADR. His experience and professional voice training enables him to develop text on the page, a concept or an accent into a fully fledged character.



Corporate projects can be game-changing for a business. Scott’s professional experience across this sector ensures that whether his tone has to be dynamic or authoritative, natural or characterful, thought-provoking or reassuring , it will create impact and help drive your company’s message.


Radio Drama

Here are some excerpts from Scott’s in various radio and audio dramas for the clients including Big Finish and BBC.



Scott has worked on large AAA games such as Baldur's Gate 3. On Star Citizen and Expeditions: Rome as well as with small indie developers. As this line of work is linked closely with motion capture, he has experience of full body and facial mo-cap and has stage combat training. This demo contains excerpts from actual game characters as well as demo pieces that are available upon request but if you want an all new creation, just get in touch.


Documentary & narration

Scott has narrated the World War II series, 'Battle Honours' as well as documentaries on motor racing legends John Surtees and Mike Hawthorn. This demo blends  excerpts from this work with a range of fictional pieces.