Meat-Pot Luck for Scott in Total War – Warhammer III

Earlier this year the real-time turn-based strategy game, ‘Total War – Warhammer III’ launched and Scott Joseph was able to announce his involvement as a Voice Actor for a couple of important characters…

Skrag The Slaughterer

Skrag the Slaughterer from Total War – Warhammer III


This Ogre Lord’s name says it all really. He’s not exactly the most stable of characters but then it is perhaps understandable, given that his forearms were ripped off and replaced with massive dull blades and, shackled directly into the bones of his back, he is forced to drag a gigantic meat pot around, into which he tosses his many kills as tributes to his Blood God.  He has magic, knowledge and an unquenchable thirst to heed the orders he receives from the Voice of the Great Maw, which he then barks in a most unsettling guttural way to his gorger army, The Disciples of the Maw. If you want to find out more about this unsavoury character then click here.

In the main, Scott was directed by Will Tidman for Skrag and for another character, Herald of Khorne. The voice sessions were kept deliberately short because of the vocally demanding nature of both characters. As a powerful and deranged Ogre Lord, Skrag in particular, speaks in what can only be described as tormented guttural roars that at times need to be projected across great distances, in battle and to possibly thousands of minions or foes.

The real trick in playing characters like this is actually to relax, which is not easy when you hear what he says and how he says it. However, if Scott tensed his vocal chords to generate Skrag’s chaotic rants, he would most certainly damage his voice and be unable to sustain the character for an entire recording session. Relaxing the vocal chords allowed Scott to generate a guttural tone, while protecting his natural voice. It also helps when top of the range mics are used, such as the Sanken CO 100k Omnidirectional Super Wide Range Condenser because it captures so much that can then be further enhanced in post to achieve the character’s true voice.

Here is a cut scene introduction to Skrag followed by some individual lines up-close and personal:

Find out more about the game itself using the links below:


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