Winter is coming…

The days of 2019 stampeded right over me it would seem and, as is so often the case, work, home and family commitments throughout the year meant the studio build project dragged through Spring into Summer and before I knew it, the wind and rain heralded the approach of Autumn and my worst fear … a winter build.

A word to the wise about conducting the early stages of these sorts of projects under your own steam; manage your time well! Be disciplined! If you can set yourself deadlines (keep them realistic mind!) and more importantly, stick to them, then you will maintain a forward momentum and stay enthused. I have been beset with issues and set-backs because I am trying to adhere to a tight budget. I know what I want, what I need and the money I have to achieve it … and I am beginning to realise, it might not be enough.

A couple of years ago my family and I moved to a quiet countryside col-de-sac, into a property that backs onto fields. Idyllic yes and the lack of noise was a big factor for our move but I need to plan ahead as the march of property development waits for no man; the field behind my property has been put up for development so I need to be sure the build quality of the studio is such that it won’t matter what the developers put up there, my studio will be fit for purpose. Sound suppressing however … doesn’t come cheap. Every aspect of it adds cost: Density, air gap, minimising sound transference, layering and the sheer quantity of acoustic glue involved.

As with any build project … another vital factor to have in your budget is a ‘contingency fund’. 10% of the overall budget is what’s recommended as the contingency amount but some

say 5% minimum. It is of course for those unforeseen circumstances … the better you plan the less surprises you are likely to have … but without a contingency budget you are taking major risks and it’s this that is forcing me to rethink things.

Will this project get off the ground at all? More to come…

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