Voice of Caeso Quinctius Aquilinius

Last week the strategy RPG, ‘Expeditions: Rome’ launched and Scott announced his role in the game; the voice of veteran Centurion and central companion, Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus. This update allows you to hear Caeso in action through official material that was released to promote the game.

Caeso - A character in Expeditions: Rome. Head and shoulder image of the veteran Centurion.

Image from THQ Nordic’s YouTube

A word from Caeso himself…

Whether players are veterans of the ‘Expeditions’ game series or first-timers, the voice of consummate Roman legionary, Caeso Quinctius Aquilinius, in this official Combat Trailer  commands attention and rightly so, your character’s life might just depend on it! Play the video link below or click here

In the days leading up to the game’s official launch, several of the companion characters saw a brief introductory trailer of them released and first up was Centurion, Caeso himself. Play on the video link below or click here:

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