Intelligence Personified – Voicing Professor Daily

Scott’s studio has been a hive of activity recently and now he is able to shout about a fun-to-voice character he recorded for a TV commercial. Scott is the amiable Professor Daily, an animated rocket scientist explaining the ease with which you can get temporary car insurance through InsureDaily. The Professor’s voice had to be clear,…

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Taste The Sunshine!

Scott Joseph recording at Molinare

San Pellegrino TV Commercial Campaign Summer 2022 has started with a sparkle in Scott’s studio in that you can hear his voice over for drinks company, San Pellegrino’s summer TV commercial campaign, ‘Taste The Sunshine’. It has been airing on UK National Television for nearly a month already and aims to capture a cool, light…

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Locked Down but not out for the count!

Scott Joseph Media - Studio Facillity

A tumultuous Spring … and Summer! ..but I studied, auditioned, generally grafted and thankfully, the studio has genuinely started to come into its own. There is a great deal to shout about, not least, a couple of commercial online projects for national banks and building societies, which are currently in post-production so as and when…

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