Remember, remember the 7th of November?

..we’re into November and first things first on the 1st, a site visit from the electrical company to prep some of the mains wiring to where it needs to be for Charlie Moore and co to start the build in earnest on 5th November.

However, the plumber can’t start until 4th November, so before it’s even begun, the build start is pushed to Thursday. Not great but the Cedar, Cutts and Moore (CCM) are still positive and so we are still on track. The contents of the garage has been cleared, sorted, boxed, stored, junked, hauled, recycled and probably many many other verbs ending in ‘ed. The double garage looks enormous. I resist the urge to actually park my car in it, even for one night, in case the experience is game changing. The spaciousness I see now, will of course not be there once the studio and booth are in … in fact, it could end up being quite cosy.

I have had a steep learning curve on this project: Soundwaves, suppression, transference, reflection, diffusion, isolation, treatment etc… all terms I was familiar with but without really fully comprehending. I did have some experience after having a room sound-suppressed and treated in our previous home. However, as it was a first-floor room it suffered with sound transference from the kitchen below and a busy road about 80 feet away.

There are a great many websites, forums, books and videos on the principles of soundwaves and on building a sound studio and/or booth so I shan’t try to compete with their vastly superior knowledge. In the end, with this project all I and Charlie at CCM had to be able to do is answer ‘Yes!’ to this one overriding question, “Will the studio and booth be fit for purpose?” If I or a voice artist I am working with, are in a recording session with a client, all we want to concern ourselves with, is the vocal performance and making sure it delivers. It’s really hard to achieve unless you are prepared to invest and sound isolation costs because it’s all about density … and air gaps and material quality and build technique… to give you an idea, here are the ceiling, floor and wall build-ups for the studio, remembering of course that there’s already cement blocks and brickwork around three sides of it … and that the booth will have additional build-up too.

Ceiling buildup

Floor Buildup

Wall Buildup

There is an air gap between the existing outer walls & ceilings and the new build–up. The new build-up clearly has density and mixed materials to maximise the isolation from a broad range of sound waves. Transference is minimised again through build-up density, the air gap, use of resilience bars, additional studwork hung intersecting existing stud and copious amounts of evenly spread acoustic glue. On the floor, the concrete slab counters the general lack of an air gap.

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