Gritty VoiceOver required for Montirex AP1 film

‘Adventure is Closer Than You Think’

It is always extremely complimentary when clients approach Scott having seen a project from his portfolio of work or liked something from one of his demos. Montirex, a sports and outdoor clothing company, referenced Scott’s voice while searching for a voice artist to promote their AP1 Jacket.

The audition process took place and Scott was selected. This was to be a fast turn around and so Scott made room in his studio schedule for a record session, several reads of the script were sent to the client, who was extremely complimentary in their feedback, so much so that Scott was able to add this to his testimonial list:

‘I’d like to thank Scott so much for his work and performance, and I know his voice will add so much value to the advertisement campaign.’

No need for any further reads, the client was happy and you can view the final film on the client’s YouTube channel here:

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