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To All The Films We Judged Before – Interview All these requests for interviews is a very new experience for Scott, who most recently appeared on, ‘To All The Films We Judged Before’ hosted by two exceptional cinephiles Lily K and Katie. They wanted to learn all about his experience working on the massive AAA…

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Stella Reviews and Fun Interviews Baldur’s Gate 3 has been garnering fantastic reviews across the board and as a result, interest in those involved in bringing the game to life has grown. Scott plays the enigmatic Emperor in BG3 and so was very excited to get interviewed for the first time in his Voice Acting…

‘CBeebies – Reach To The Stars’ Live – Audience Footage

Discover Island – UFO

Discover Island – Pirate Movie

Discover Island – Eyes & Hair

‘Think Words – IDEAL’ TV Commercial

Kingdom – TV Series

Discovery – Animal Planet: Shark Month Bumper 1

Discovery – Animal Planet: Shark Month Bumper 2