Best Laid Plans…

You need a thick skin for build projects and the patience of a saint! I am a perfectionist, though my wife would say it borders on procrastination but given the magnitude of this project, I have explored the minutiae of all my build options: from converting a room in the house or doing the same with our double garage to the preferred option of a standalone garden studio! With the architect drawing up the plans for said studio, budgetary constraints, rising material costs and other unforeseen factors forced me to conclude it is a push too far.

Not one to be defeated though, I go back to the assessing the pros and cons of the other options. The bedroom conversion is out: isolating an upstairs room is really hard and then there is the issue of whether all the weight brought by the sound suppression materials, will put the existing house structure under too much strain. Headaches at every turn.

The double garage then, is looking like my only viable option … suddenly I go full Basil Fawlty, muttering to myself, clenching my fists, pretending to kick inanimate objects and bang my head against a wall repeatedly with the futility of it all because “I’m now revisiting all the reasons why I didn’t pick the double garage in the first instance!”:

Bang – The space is a set height, which could pose issues with the ceiling and floor build-up
Bang – There’s currently an old rickety system boiler located in the garage.
Bang – It’s a double garage, so naturally there aren’t any cars in it just a whole load of ‘stuff’ migrated from several house moves and boxed up never to be sorted again. Where’s it all supposed to go?
Bang – We lose a double garage which I never use as a garage … but I might want to at some point!

I need more professional advice … and one individual who has offered help, advice and guidance at every step of my long arduous journey is Charlie Moore at Cedar, Cutts and Moore Ltd. A member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and someone who takes the utmost pride in the work he does, Charlie’s experience in studio builds and his in-depth honest opinions have proven invaluable so far. He’s not based near me at all and so was only going to provide the custom booth and installation … however if he thinks his team can make this double garage work as a studio … we could be back on!

If you would like to check out Charlie’s company you will find it here:


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